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Managers, All Other

Managers, All Other - All managers not listed separately.

O*NET code 11-9199.00


The national typical annual salary for this occupation is $103,530 per year. Nationally, the typical hourly wage for this occupation is $49.78.The state typical wage is $73,540. The typical wage in New Mexico is well below the national average. In New Mexico, the typical hourly wage is $35.36 and most workers in this occupation earn between $25.29 and $51.13 per hour based on the 25th and 75th percentile wage in the survey.

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New Mexico Local Wages for Managers, All Other
AreaEntry WageTypical WageExperienced Wage
National Annual$103,530
National Hourly$49.78
Statewide Annual$46,050$73,540$96,510
Statewide Hourly$22.14$35.36$46.40
+ Metro Areas
Albuquerque Annual$47,980$74,580$98,510
Hourly $23.07$35.86$47.36
Farmington Annual$43,140$56,860$81,120
Hourly $20.74$27.33$39.00
Las Cruces Annual$51,110$75,550$96,110
Hourly $24.57$36.32$46.21
Santa Fe Annual$41,840$55,000$72,640
Hourly $20.11$26.44$34.92
+ Regions
Central Annual$47,984$74,580$98,514
Hourly $23.07$35.86$47.36
Eastern Annual$46,948$99,917$111,311
Hourly $22.57$48.04$53.52
Northern Annual$38,986$55,619$77,412
Hourly $18.74$26.74$37.22
Southwestern Annual$49,982$81,914$99,797
Hourly $24.03$39.38$47.98

A dash '-' indicates that information is not available for this occupation or area.
Metro Areas refer to Metropolitan Statistical Areas.
Regions refer to Workforce Investment Areas.
For more detailed information about New Mexico wages visit the Occupational Employment Statistics program website. Information displayed represents annual 2013 wages.

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Job Growth

New Mexico

2012 to 2022

In 2012 there were about 7,830 workers in this occupation in New Mexico. The Department of Workforce Solutions estimates that by 2022 this number will increase by about 9 percent and an estmated 8,520 will be employed in this occupation. Compared to other occupations, employment growth in this occupation has little or no change. Job opportunities are good or favorable, as there should be about 68 openings each year for workers in this occupation.

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New Mexico Local Needs for Managers, All Other
New Mexico7,8308,5200.84%68
+ Metro Areas
Las Cruces1,3601,5001.03%15
Santa Fe1,0601,1300.67%7
+ Regions

Metro Areas refer to Metropolitan Statistical Areas.
Regions refer to Workforce Investment Areas.

Employment estimates are rounded.

Source: NMDWS, Economic Research and Analysis Bureau.


Regulatory Affairs Managers usually need Bachelor's Degree.

Education LevelPercentage
Bachelor's Degree64%
Master's Degree21%
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate - awarded for completion of an organized program of study; designed for people who have completed a Baccalaureate degree, but do not meet the requirements of academic degrees carrying the title of Master6%
Doctoral Degree3%
First Professional Degree - awarded for completion of a program that: requires at least 2 years of college work before entrance into the program, includes a total of at least 6 academic years of work to complete, and provides all remaining academic requirements to begin practice in a profession3%
Post-Master's Certificate - awarded for completion of an organized program of study; designed for people who have completed a Master's degree, but do not meet the requirements of academic degrees at the doctoral level3%

Information based on O*NET data and is the result of a national survey.

Use this list to find educational opportunities for this occupation. Contact the specific schools directly to find out application requirements and program availability.

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New Mexico Schools with programs for Managers, All Other

No New Mexico public based training programs found for this specific occupation. However, please consider reviewing the list of NM Educational Opportunities and contacting a New Mexico Institution of Higher Education to see if a program in the related Career Cluster is available.

This list is updated once a year and is compiled from the NM Department of Higher Education and other sources.


No New Mexico occupational license is required.

Other available certificates or credentials may also be desirable. Additional local licenses or permits may be required, and individual businesses may have specific employment requirements. Licensing information is collected through a variety of New Mexico-based resources and does NOT include federal licensing requirements.

Source: NMDWS, Economic Research and Analysis Bureau, bi-annual survey of NM license boards and commissions.

WorkKeys Skill Levels

No WorkKeys scores are available for this particular occupation.

For further information on WorkKeys please visit the ACT-WorkKeys website. Skill levels are provided for individuals who know their scores.

Industires that Hire Managers, All Other in New Mexico.
IndustryPercent of Employed
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation0.6%
Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing*
Education and Health Services12.1%
Educational Services10.8%
Educational Services10.8%
Federal Government, Excluding Post Office6.1%
Finance and Insurance*
Financial Activities1.1%
Goods Producing1.6%
Health Care and Social Assistance1.3%
Insurance Carriers and Related Activities*
Leisure and Hospitality0.8%
Local Government, Excluding Education and Hospitals4.1%
Local Government, Excluding Education and Hospitals4.1%
Management of Companies and Enterprises0.6%
Management of Companies and Enterprises0.6%
Natural Resources and Mining*
Other Services (except Government)0.5%
Other Services (except Government)*
Professional and Business Services3.9%
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services3.1%
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services3.1%
Retail Trade0.7%
Self Employed and Unpaid Family Workers, All Jobs60.1%
Self Employed and Unpaid Family Workers, All Jobs60.1%
Self Employed Workers, All Jobs59.7%
Services Providing38.3%
State Government, Excluding Education and Hospitals7.8%
State Government, Excluding Education and Hospitals7.8%
Total All Industries100.0%
Total Federal Government Employment6.1%
Total Self Employed and Unpaid Family Workers, All Jobs60.1%
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities1.7%
Unpaid Family Workers, All Jobs0.4%

* Data is confidential.

Source: NMDWS, Economic Research and Analysis Bureau Projections Unit

Common Titles
  • Animal Ride Manager
  • Art Coordinator
  • Arts Administrator
  • Association Executive
  • Billing Manager
  • Box Office Manager
  • Branch Chief
  • Business Representative, Labor Union
  • Cable Supervisor
  • Call Center Manager
  • Call Center Supervisor
  • Certified Solid Waste Facility Operator
  • Chancery Clerk
  • Chief Clerk
  • Commercial Attache
  • Consul
  • Consultant, Educational, State Board of Nursing
  • Contracts Director
  • Corporation Secretary
  • Dental Office Manager
  • Director of Consumer Affairs
  • Director of Extension Work
  • Director of Health Education
  • Director of Professional Services
  • Director of Research
  • Director of Vocational Training
  • Director of in Service Education
  • Director, Camp
  • Director, Craft Center
  • Director, Dental Services
  • Director, Field Services
  • Director, Quality Assurance
  • Director, Research and Development
  • Division Chief
  • Division Manager, Chamber of Commerce
  • Entertainment Director
  • Entertainment Manager
  • Environmental Control Administrator
  • Executive Director, Nurses' Association
  • Executive Vice President, Chamber of Commerce
  • Extension Work Director
  • Field Director
  • General Manager, Road Production
  • Gym Manager
  • Health Information Manager
  • Home Service Director
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Loss Prevention Manager
  • Magazine Publisher
  • Management Trainee
  • Manager, Aquatic Facility
  • Manager, Area Development
  • Manager, Armored Transport Service
  • Manager, Auto Repair Shop
  • Manager, Barber or Beauty Shop
  • Manager, Billiard Parlor
  • Manager, Body Shop
  • Manager, Bowling Alley
  • Manager, Branch Office
  • Manager, Camp
  • Manager, Car Wash
  • Manager, Communications
  • Manager, Communications Station
  • Manager, Concert
  • Manager, Dance Studio
  • Manager, Dog Races
  • Manager, Dude Ranch
  • Manager, Field Party, Geophysical Prospecting
  • Manager, Fish and Game Club
  • Manager, Gas Well Drilling
  • Manager, Golf Club
  • Manager, Group
  • Manager, Gun Club
  • Manager, Handicraft or Hobby Shop
  • Manager, Health Club
  • Manager, Horse Racetrack
  • Manager, Horse Racing
  • Manager, Horse Show
  • Manager, Hotel Recreational Facilities
  • Manager, House
  • Manager, Irrigation District
  • Manager, Laboratory
  • Manager, Loss Prevention, District
  • Manager, Lottery
  • Manager, Marina Dry Dock
  • Manager, Mining
  • Manager, Modeling Agency
  • Manager, Off Track Betting
  • Manager, Oil Well Drilling
  • Manager, Pool
  • Manager, Poolroom/Poolhall
  • Manager, Project
  • Manager, Quarrying
  • Manager, Racing
  • Manager, Recreation Establishment
  • Manager, Recreation Facility
  • Manager, Safety
  • Manager, Shift
  • Manager, Skating Rink
  • Manager, Solid Waste Disposal
  • Manager, Station
  • Manager, Telegraph Office
  • Manager, Theater
  • Manager, Title Search
  • Manager, Transcription
  • Manager, Travel Agency
  • Manager, Utilities
  • Manager, Winter Sports
  • Manufacturer
  • Media Traffic Manager
  • Membership Director
  • Newspaper Publisher
  • Night Club Manager
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Planning Coordinator
  • Plant Assigner
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Director
  • Project Leader
  • Property Utilization Officer
  • Publication Director
  • Publisher
  • Quality Control Coordinator
  • Register in Chancery
  • Register of Wills
  • Registrar
  • Registration Officer
  • Relocation Director
  • Research Development Director
  • Research Director
  • Revenue Settlements Administrator
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Safety Director
  • Secretary, Board of Education
  • Service Director
  • Service Supervisor, Leased Machinery and Equipment
  • Software Publisher
  • Specialist-in-Charge, Extension Service
  • Stations Relations Contact Representative
  • Superintendent of Generation
  • Superintendent, Communications
  • Superintendent, Distribution
  • Superintendent, Electric Power
  • Superintendent, Generating Plant
  • Superintendent, Laundry
  • Superintendent, Plant Protection
  • Superintendent, Power
  • Superintendent, Radio Communications
  • Superintendent, System Operation
  • Superintendent, Tests
  • Superintendent, Transmission
  • Supervisor of Communications
  • Supervisor, Area
  • Supervisor, Education
  • Supervisor, Extermination
  • Supervisor, Field
  • Supervisor, Hospitality House
  • Supervisor, Protective Signal Operations
  • Supervisor, Road, Administrator
  • Supervisor, Safety
  • Supervisor, Show Operations
  • Team Leader
  • Testing Director
  • Testing and Regulating Chief
  • Traffic Chief
  • Water Control Supervisor
  • Water Registrar
  • Watermaster