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New Mexico Unemployment Insurance Statutes and Regulations

New Mexico State Statutes - http://public.nmcompcomm.us/nmnxtadmin/NMPublic.aspx  

  1. Click on the "Statutes, Rules and Const." folder
  2. Click on the "NMSA (Unannotated)" folder
  3. Click on chapter "51. Unemployment Compensation"
  4. Under "Article," click on " 1. Unemployment Compensation, 51-1-1 through 51-1-59."

New Mexico Administrative Code (Regulations) - http://www.nmcpr.state.nm.us/nmac/

  1. Click on "Browse Compilation"
  2. Click on Title 11 "Labor and Workers' Compensation"
  3. Click on Chapter 3 "Employment Security"