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WIOA Public Hearing Notice

New Mexico State Statutes - http://public.nmcompcomm.us/nmnxtadmin/NMPublic.aspx

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  2. Click on the "NMSA (Unannotated)" folder
  3. Click on chapter "50. Employment Law"

New Mexico State Regulations - http://www.nmcpr.state.nm.us/nmac/

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  2. Click on Title 11 "Labor and Workers' Compensation"
  3. Click on Chapter 2 "Job Training"

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WIOA State Combined Plan

On October 20, 2016, the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education (Departments) sent notification of their approval of the final New Mexico WIOA State Combined Plan and have determined New Mexico is prepared to move forward in implementing its State Plan. The Departments have also noted New Mexico has made tremendous strides in implementing WIOA, as evidenced by the strong partnerships and foundation for success in reforming and realigning the workforce system as articulated in WIOA and our State Plan. The Departments will provide technical assistance and monitor New Mexico’s progress on an ongoing basis as we work together to realize the vision of WIOA and implement its programs. The Departments will also work with all State Plan partner agencies and staff to help New Mexico submit a 2018 State Plan modification that reflects the State’s experience in implementing WIOA and the innovations it has undertaken to improve the timeliness and quality of services to job seekers and employers.


Notice of WIOA Combined State Plan Modification
State of New Mexico WIOA Combined State Plan PY 2016-2019, As Modified

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