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Over $30K in wages collected for public works project employees from NMDWS audit

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                        
October 15, 2019                                                                                                                                       

Contact: Stacy Johnston
Acting Public Information Officer


Over $30K in wages collected for public works project employees from NMDWS audit
$1,742.34 also collected for the Apprenticeship & Training Fund

(Albuquerque, NM) – The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions’ (NMDWS) Labor Relations Division received several wage claims from workers who were not paid their total wages for hours worked by Blue Mountain Contractors. The Albuquerque based company was hired by Fort Sumner Schools to construct a new concessions building in 2018 under a public works project. The audit of certified payrolls revealed $30,309.93 in wages and fringe owed to six employees, as well as $1,742.34 for the Apprenticeship and Training Fund.

The public works project took place from May 28, 2018 to January 17, 2019 in which time the certified payroll audit showed that Blue Mountain not only neglected to pay the correct prevailing wages to their employees, but they also were found non-compliant with paying sub-contractors. The Labor Relations Division recouped all wages owed from the company and have sent checks out to those six workers, one check resulting as high as $10,000.

“Governor Lujan Grisham believes passionately in an economy that works for everyone,” said Bill McCamley Secretary of Workforce Solutions. “If you’re not paid what the law says you should get, that’s stealing. It’s no different than getting money stolen from your savings account and we are working very hard to make sure all workers in New Mexico get what they are owed so they can support themselves and their families.”

The New Mexico Public Works Minimum Wage Act applies to employers and employees working on state and locally funded public work construction projects. NMDWS works to ensure that every employee on the project is paid the correct wage rate. The Labor Relations Division sets the minimum wage rates for all Public Works projects each year. Wage rates include base rate of pay, a fringe benefit rate, and apprenticeship training contributions. A wage rate poster must be displayed in an easily accessible place at the job site to show all employees what their minimum rates of pay are.

Rules, regulations, statutes, past and current prevailing wage and fringe benefit rates can be found on the NMDWS website https://www.dws.state.nm.us/Public-Works. Employers may also contact our Labor Relations office at 505-841-4400 with any questions they may have to ensure the correct wages are being paid on public works projects.







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