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Not Forgotten Outreach

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Not Forgotten Outreach
The Not Forgotten Outreach (NFO) Veterans Corps program will engage veterans and military families as National Service members in various terms of service recruited from target populations of New Mexico National Guard, Reservist, Veterans, and family members. The NFO theory of change maintains that veterans and military family members—given the opportunity of eco-therapy activities along with “military-to-civilian” transitioning skill development, peer-to-peer mentorship, financial management training, and relationship training—will demonstrate improved family relationships, improved self-worth, and the ability to serve again by promoting food security during their “second mission.”

Website: Not Forgotten Outreach

Contact: Don Peters
Phone: (575) 224-1503
Email: don@notforgottenoutreach.org

461 Valverde Commons Dr
Taos, NM 87571