Service is an essential part of the rich culture and history of New Mexico, and we at the Commission celebrate its many community-building benefits. As every year there are those who go above and beyond to become champions of service, we seek to acknowledge their efforts, their impact on their communities, and honor their promotion of service throughout the state of New Mexico. The New Mexico Champions of Volunteerism Awards will be presented on April 3, 2018. The award categories are as follows:

Outstanding AmeriCorps Member - A single person of any age who has provided outstanding service as an AmeriCorps member throughout the previous year shall be considered. Their unique talents to serve others, strong ethics, dedication to service, and compassion for other citizens make them an inspiration to others around them.

Champion of National Service - This award will recognize an individual who has promoted the cause of National Service in New Mexico either through service to the Commission, a Commission sub-grantee or AmeriCorps service site.