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The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) provides services to the American farmworker population to help combat the chronic underemployment experienced by workers who depend primarily on agricultural labor jobs. The National Farmworker Jobs Program provides funding to community-based organizations and public agencies to assist migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families attain greater economic stability. Farmworkers also receive training and employment services through the nationwide network of American Job Centers, also called One-Stop Career Centers. The Monitor Advocate system, with responsibilities at the national, regional and state levels, help ensure that farmworkers are served equitably through workforce programs.

New Mexico services include:

  • provide employment services to farmworkers which are qualitatively equivalent and quantitatively proportional to those received by non-farmworker customers.
  • provide the full range of employment services to farmworkers
  • conduct outreach to locate and contact farmworkers who are not reached by the normal office intake activities, tell them about our services, encourage them to visit our offices, and deliver services outside of the office if that facilitates their access to our services.
  • identify whether each customer is or isn’t a farmworker;
  • provide information about employment services to farmworkers who come to the office and assist those who need help to register with us, including in Spanish;
  • offer the full range of employment services to farmworkers, including in Spanish;
  • assist farmworkers in completing our registration as needed;
  • ensure that farmworker’s registration includes complete information for assessing skills, abilities, job preferences and education and training needs;
  • deliver employment services to farmworkers which are quantitatively proportional and qualitatively equivalent to services provided to non-farmworkers
  • refer farmworkers to agricultural AND non-agricultural jobs based on their skills, abilities and preferences;
  • display job listing information in conspicuous places and make it available to farmworkers, including when farmworkers are not English language fluent;
  • write agricultural job listings so they include the expected length of work, whether or not there is a guarantee of minimum wage if the offered pay is at piece rate, and directions to the work site if that’s not clear from the address;
  • accept job listings from farm labor contractors only if they are properly registered with state and federal authorities;
  • conduct outreach to farmworkers so that large numbers of them in the service area come to know about the services available from the office;
  • Each office is to conduct outreach appropriate for seeing that large numbers of farmworkers in its service area come to know about our services; MSFW Significant offices must conduct an especially vigorous outreach program, particularly during periods of highest farmworker activity.

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