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Compensation Information is Confidential

Disclosure of unemployment insurance information is governed by NMSA § 51-1-32 and NMAC, Availability and Confidentiality of Department Records. New Mexico law, NMSA 1978, § 51-1-32 and NMAC, provides that information obtained in the course of obtaining unemployment compensation is confidential and not open to public inspection, except that such information may be made available to those designated persons and agencies, and for purposes specified in regulations issued by the Secretary..

The Department may be authorized to release unemployment insurance records if the release form is signed by BOTH the employer and claimant or pursuant to a court order. Except in instances of court orders, grand jury subpoenas and search warrants, if more than one party, such as an employer and an employee, are named in the file or record sought, both parties must consent to the release of the file or record if it is sought for any purpose other than a proceeding before the department.

View full language of NMSA 1978, § 51-1-32

  1. Click on the "Statutes, Rules and Const." folder
  2. Click on the "NMSA (Unannotated)" folder
  3. Click on chapter "51. Unemployment Compensation"
  4. Click on "51-1-32 Disclosure of Information"

View full language of NMAC

What if I Need Access to My Claims Record?

If you need your information to be released for a purpose other than a proceeding before the Department of Workforce Solutions, and the record is not required by court order, grand jury subpoena or search warrant, you must fill out the Department Authorization for Release of Confidential Unemployment Insurance Claims Form, and have it signed by your former employer.

Department Authorization for Release of Confidential Unemployment Insurance Claims Form - PDF

Submit your form by mail to:

State of New Mexico, Department of Workforce Solutions
ATTN: Records Clerk
401 Broadway, NE
PO Box 1928
Albuquerque, NM 87103

You may also fax your form to 505-841-8636.

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