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  • Economic Data
    • When following this link, you will be directed to our economic data page where you can access labor market data from multiple programs administered and utilized by ER&A. Data for these programs are provided in a variety of formats. You can also access our interactive data website—Labor Analysis, Statistics, and Economic Research (LASER). To access LASER directly or visit www.jobs.state.nm.us/analyzer. For detailed and summary information on the data programs administered and used by ER&A, please view the Labor Market Information Data Program Guide and Labor Market Information Program and Resource Cheat Sheet.
  • Economic Research and Career Resource Publications
    • When following this link, you will be directed to our economic research publications page where you can access all of the publications produced by ER&A. The publications available include serial and special publications, as well as economic research and career resource publications.
  • New Mexico Career Solutions Website
    • Follow this link to access NMDWS’s Career Solutions website—a career resources website specifically for students. The site provides a variety of information on career exploration, preparing for postsecondary education, and entering the workforce—all with a primary focus on youth.
  • New Mexico Workforce Connection Online System
    • Follow this link to access the New Mexico Workforce Connection Online System—New Mexico's official online portal to virtual job matching services, employment resources, the Unemployment Insurance Tax & Claims System, and much more. You can also go to www.jobs.state.nm.us.
  • Wage Information: Estimate Delivery System (EDS)
    • Follow this link to get detailed occupation descriptions and wage information for around 800 occupations in the state. Wage information is available through our interactive data website LASER and multiple economic data and research publication. EDS, however, is another resource that provides additional detailed data by occupation.

Labor Market Information Distribution List

Follow this link to request to be added to the monthly Employment News Release, Labor Market Review, and Publication Distribution List.

What is labor market information (LMI)?

Labor Market Information, or LMI, is any information related to the labor force and workforce. Data include labor force, employment, and unemployment estimates; occupational wages; projected job growth; educational attainment and requirements; and much more!

For researchers: LMI is used alongside other economic measures to assess the health of the economy and forecast future economic trends. Many public entities, such as education departments, use LMI to make policy decisions and allocate financial resources to in-demand and priority areas.

For employers: LMI is most often used to help make informed business decisions that are responsive to labor market demands and economic conditions, ultimately leading to better business success. Employers can find critical information on competitive wage rates, future labor market demand, and location-based data for development decisions.

For job seekers and students: LMI is used to make informed career and employment decisions. Whether the individual is exploring careers, attending school, and/or looking for work, LMI can help the individual be better prepared by understanding the opportunities and competition within the labor market, tailoring job applications to specific employers and job openings, and making good employment choices that ensure continued career growth.

The Economic Research and Analysis Bureau (ER&A)

The Economic Research & Analysis Bureau (ER&A) is the principal source of labor market information for the state. ER&A collects, analyzes, and disseminates this data in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Employment and Training Administration (ETA).

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