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Are you affected by the New Mexico Human Rights Act, and if so, how?

  • If you are an employer in New Mexico with at least four (4) employees, your employer/employee relationships are likely to fall under the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Human Rights Act (there are some exceptions). 
  • In addition, if you run a business that offers its goods, services or facilities to the public, you are likely to fall under the “public accommodation” provision the New Mexico Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in such places. 
  • If you sell, lease or rent four or more units of housing facilities, you also may be subject to the “housing” provision of the Act. 

If you are subject to the New Mexico Human Rights Act, it is your responsibility to learn how to be in compliance.  The Human Rights Bureau is here to help if you have questions.  Compliance with the statute includes displaying an informational poster (available by mail from the Human Rights Bureau or by downloading the PDF file) in your place of business.

If you have a question about a compliance issue for which you would like the Bureau’s assistance, you may contact our office and ask to speak with an investigator.  Your call and the details of your question will remain confidential. 

If you would like to learn more about compliance with the Human Rights Act, please consider scheduling a training session conducted by our Bureau.  A trainer will come to your place of business or other location convenient for you and give a presentation to your managers and/or regular staff.  To discuss scheduling a training for your business, please call our office.


Rules, Regulations, & Statutes

New Mexico State Statutes - http://public.nmcompcomm.us/nmnxtadmin/NMPublic.aspx

  1. Click on the "Statutes, Rules and Const." folder
  2. Click on the "NMSA (Unannotated)" folder
  3. Click on chapter "28. Human Rights"

New Mexico State Regulations - http://www.nmcpr.state.nm.us/nmac/

  1. Click on "Browse Compilation"
  2. Click on Title 9 "Human Rights"

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