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New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (NMDWS) is offering a return-to-work support payment to New Mexico Unemployment Insurance (UI) recipients who return to work between July 4 and July 31, 2021 and retain employment through August 28, 2021. Using federal COVID-19 stimulus funds under the American Rescue Plan Act, the return-to-work support payment is structured to support workers in costs related to joining the labor force.

The costs associated with returning to work can vary depending on personal circumstances. They can include expenses related to transportation, childcare, work uniforms, and other living costs that stem from a reduction in UI benefits following a report of income. Return-to-work support payments aim to offset these costs.

Beginning July 4, if you are currently receiving Unemployment Insurance and report to NMDWS on your weekly UI certification that you have a new job and stop certifying, you will receive a one-time $1,000 supplement upon the conclusion of the nine-week program. The support payment will be adjusted correspondingly as the program moves forward.

Week new job is reported to DWS Support Payment Amount received after August 28
July 4, 2021 $1,000
July 11, 2021 $800
July 18, 2021 $600
July 25, 2021 $400





If a claimant files for unemployment benefits within the period after they report they have found a job, and before August 28, 2021, they will no longer be eligible for the support payment. During each weekly certification within the New Mexico Unemployment Tax & Claims System, New Mexico unemployment claimants are asked, “Were you offered employment during this reporting period?” Eligible claimants who answer “Yes” to this question and stop certifying through August 28, 2021 will be eligible for the support payment.

How do I qualify for the one-time support payment?

  • Secure a job within the weeks listed above (from the week beginning July 4 to the week ending July 31)
  • Indicate the start date of their new job on their next weekly certification (the certification process already requires claimants to report if they returned to work full-time during the prior week)
  • Stop certifying for unemployment benefits (after reporting their new job) through August 28.

What if I get a part-time job?

As long as you remain employed through August 28 and stop certifying for benefits you will be qualified for the supplemental payment. Career Consultants are available to assist you with your work search efforts at your local New Mexico Workforce Connection, find your local office  here https://www.dws.state.nm.us/en-us/Office-Locations.

What if I found a job before the qualifying week of July 4, 2021 or after the week of July 25?

The program is specifically for the weeks of July 4 – July 25. If you complete your weekly certification during that time frame and report your employment start date and stop certifying for benefits through August 28, you will qualify for the one-time support payment.

Where do I tell DWS that I have found employment?

When filling out your weekly certification you will be asked if you were offered employment, if you say yes, then you will be asked to provide additional information regarding your job offer including your start date. 

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