The State Apprenticeship Office's main objective is to help achieve, through cooperative effort, the training of apprentices in apprenticeable occupations to meet current and future needs for skilled journeyworkers. To help insure that this training stays abreast of technological developments and needs for national security, and to increase the job opportunities, earning ability, and security of the apprentices. In order to provide equal opportunity for all qualified applicants for apprenticeship, hereafter all apprentices shall be selected in accordance with a plan which assures equality of opportunity and which is acceptable to the State Apprenticeship Council and approved by the State Apprenticeship Office. 

Apprenticeship Trades

List of Trades
Types of Apprenticeship
Air & Hydraulic Balancing Technician  Asbestos Worker 
Bricklayer Carpenter
Cement Mason Drywall Applicator
Electrician Heavy Duty Mechanic
Ironworker Laborer
Linemen Glazier
Machinist Floor Coverer
Materials Specialty Telecommunication Technician
Painter Plasterer
Plumber & Pipe Fitter Roofer
Sheet Metal Worker Sprinkler Fitter


State Apprenticeship Council


The New Mexico State Apprenticeship Office works in conjunction with the State Apprenticeship Council to encourage development of and assist in the establishment of voluntary apprenticeship training opportunity for eligible persons in industry. The State Apprenticeship Council is composed of public, employer, and employee groups so that there is equal representation on the council. The Director of the Labor Relations Division appoints members from each group to participate on the council. The State Apprenticeship Council is a very active group as it reviews all applications for new or revised apprenticeship programs. It recognizes the need to increase both the number of registered apprenticeship programs and the number of apprentices. 

Working together, the State Apprenticeship Council and State Apprenticeship Office provide technical support and guidance to programs, necessary for success as well as compliance with state and federal regulations. An apprenticeship program should be on the forefront of employment and training in the state of New Mexico. This is a committed team working to improve overall quality and performance of apprenticeship in our state.