Learn about, access, and download key LMI data and statistics, as well as interactive data dashboards, by topic.

What are the average wages for an occupation?

Find the average wage for an occupation. These wage statistics help job seekers explore careers and employees negotiate salaries. It also helps employers determine if the wage they are paying is reasonable for the area and occupation.

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What is the unemployment rate for my area?

Use this easy and interactive dashboard to access unemployment rates by state and county. Data and graphics can be customized and are downloadable.

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What are the employment and wages in New Mexico by area and industry?

Monthly employment growth is available for New Mexico and local areas by industry sectors with Current Employment Statistics. Quarterly employment and wages are available by county and industry with the Quarterly Census of employment and Wages. Size class data and job gains and losses data are also available here.

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What will be the largest growing industry or fastest growing occupations?

Employment projections data assist students, job seekers, educators, employers, and public and private groups in their individual planning and reporting purposes. Employment growth and occupational job openings provide insight into key growth sectors and potential areas of decline in New Mexico’s labor market.

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Access NMDWS’s interactive data website, LASER, as well as other online resources, like Career Solutions and Why I Work.

Where can I access interactive economic data for the state?

LASER is an interactive data website where you can access a wide variety of labor market data produced by NMDWS and external resources for New Mexico and substate areas.

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Where can youth explore occupations and education resources?

Career Solutions is a career and employment resources website for students. Find information on career exploration, career ladders, and labor market information.

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How much money do you need to earn to afford the things you want or need?

Why I Work is a budget tool that shows you how much money you need to make to afford the things you want and need. 

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How can I be notified of updated publications and data?

Request to be added to the monthly Employment News Release, Labor Market Review, and Publication Distribution List. 

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Find economic research publications, as well as career and employment resources, veteran-specific resources, and tools for understanding and using Labor Market Information.

What is this month's economic news?

The monthly news release includes data on the labor force, jobs, and unemployment for the state and select substate areas.

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What is happening in the New Mexico labor market?

The New Mexico Labor Market Review (LMR) presents the most up-to-date labor market highlights and happenings.

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What other special analysis is available?

Access this link to view the most current State of the Workforce, an annual report that looks at New Mexico's current workforce and how it has changed over time. Other publications include occupation, industry, and regional analysis.

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What resources are available to help with Career Exploration and Employment?

The New Mexico Career Guide is an all-in-one job seeker resource to help with career planning and exploration. Other exploration resources for jobs seekers are also here, including New Mexico's Occupational Outlook pamphlet and list of Star Occupations.

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What is Labor Market Information (LMI)?

What is Labor Market Information (LMI) and how is New Mexico doing compared to other states in the region?

Labor Market Information, or LMI, is any information related to the labor force and workforce. Data include labor force, employment, and unemployment estimates; occupational wages; projected job growth; educational attainment and requirements; and much more!

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