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Employment and Wage Detail Saved Data Not Submitted

Data for Quarterly Employment and Wage Detail Report not Processed or Submitted

Why was this letter sent to me?

This letter was sent to inform you that the data you may have entered for the quarterly Employment Wage Detail report was not completed.

What does this letter mean?

This letter means that there was a problem when submitting your quarterly reports and that the data has not been certified.

What do I do next?

You should review the saved data to ensure it is complete. You should make any adjustments and submit the completed record. If you do not submit a quarterly Employment and Wage Detail report, you may be liable for late penalties and interest charges.

Where am I in the claims or tax process?

You are reporting quarterly wages on your employer account.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

You can access your employer account online as well as other claims and tax information at www.dws.state.nm.us.

You can also contact a Customer Service Agent in the Unemployment Insurance Operations Center at 1-877-664-6984, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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