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Search for Work

You Must Search for Work to Collect Unemployment Insurance

You must be able, available, and actively looking for work each week you certify for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, unless exempt by law. Take advantage of the free resources offered by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions and New Mexico Workforce Connection Centers to maximize your job search.

New Mexico Workforce Connection Centers

New Mexico Workforce Connection Centers are more than just a place you have to register in order to certify for UI benefits. They are great sources of information about different types of jobs, their availability, and training opportunities that can help you chart a new career path. Contact your local Workforce Connection Center to learn more or to work with a professional Employment Representative who can help you develop an effective work search plan. Visit the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions website at www.dws.state.nm.us for office locations or to access the online Workforce Connection system.

What do we mean by "Searching for Work"?

You are required to conduct a minimum number of work search activities every week that you certify for benefits. Be sure to maintain a detailed record of all work search contacts and be prepared to verify your activities. The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions can request your work search log anytime during your benefit year. If the Department of Workforce Solutions cannot verify your weekly job search activities, you may not receive UI benefits.

What you should know about UI

"What You Should Know About Unemployment Insurance (UI)" includes several topic areas for both individuals receiving benefits and employers paying Unemployment Insurance taxes in New Mexico. Spanish versions available for select videos. 

In addition to the information available on the above pages, each topic area will also include a short video. These videos may also be viewed on the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions YouTube channel. 



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