The Serve New Mexico Commission's (formerly the New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism) mission is to engage citizens of all ages and backgrounds in community based service; such service will address New Mexico’s human, educational, environmental, public safety, health, housing and other needs to achieve direct and beneficial results.

Housed in the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (NMDWS), the Commission was established in January 1994 to administer AmeriCorps national service programs which promote civic engagement and foster an ethic of service while meeting community needs. Serve New Mexico is made up of 16 Governor-appointed commissioners who serve for three-year terms of service. The Commission sets priorities for results-oriented community service programs; provides training and technical assistance to subgrantees; evaluates program effectiveness; and leverages federal program dollars with additional local, state, and private sector resources.

Specific Responsibilities of the State Commission

1. Assuring good stewardship of the AmeriCorps State resources in the state of New Mexico. Duties include:

  • Administration of a grant program in support of national service programs which includes selection, oversight and evaluation of grant recipients.
  • Development of projects, training methods, curriculum materials and other materials and activities related to national service programs.
  • Availability of technical assistance to grant applicants.

2. Developing and communicating a statewide vision of service and fostering an ethic of service and volunteering throughout the state. Duties include:

  • Preparation of a national service program for the state that:
    • Is developed through an open and public process;
    • Ensures outreach to diverse community-based agencies that serve underrepresented populations;
    • Covers a three-year period and is updated annually.

Commissioner Recruitment

According to §2550.50 (b) Required voting members on a State Service Commission. A member may represent none, one, or more than one category, and each of the following categories must be represented:

  • A representative of a community-based agency or organization in the state;
  • The head of the state education agency or his or her designee;
  • A representative of local government in the state;
  • A representative of local labor organizations in the state;
  • A representative of business;
  • An individual between the ages of 16 and 25, inclusive, who is a participant or supervisor of a service program for school-age youth, or of a campus-based or national service program;
  • A representative of a national service program;
  • An individual with expertise in the educational, training, and development needs of youth, particularly disadvantaged youth;
  • An individual with experience in promoting the involvement of older adults (age 55 and older) in service and volunteerism; and
  • A representative of the volunteer sector.

Please contact Serve New Mexico Executive Director David Chené with any questions.
Email: David.Chene@dws.nm.gov

Commissioners are appointed for a 3 year term of service.

Serve New Mexico Commissioners are required to attend a minimum of three of four quarterly half day commission meetings, including the annual business meeting. If needed, up to one meeting per year may be attended via phone.

Serve New Mexico Commissioners are not required to financially contribute, however may be asked to help acquire financial and in-kind support for commission activities.

Commissioners are reimbursed for commission related travel such as travel to quarterly commission meetings, and commission events.

The Governor appoints members to the commission. Individuals interested in applying should fill out the application for appointment and submit a resume to the address listed on the application for appointment. The application can be found at: www.governor.state.nm.us

  • Commissioners are asked to participate in two of the following events annually:

  • AmeriCorps Swearing In
  • AmeriCorps Site Visits
  • NMCCV Conference
  • National or Regional Service Conference
  • AmeriCorps grant review process

Commissioners must serve on one standing committee. Standing committees including: Community Outreach Grants Management and Program Development, and Commission Board Development.

Commission meetings currently take place in Albuquerque.

Yes, in accordance with state open meeting laws.

15 to 25 commissioners serve on the Commission.

Participation Requirements

  • Attend three quarterly commission meetings and the annual business meeting;
  • Assist the commission and staff in the following ways;
  • Provide professional expertise when applicable.
  • Represent the commission and staff to various public officials and organizations, and events.
  • Help acquire financial and in-kind support for commission activities;
  • Accept or volunteer for one standing committee and one ad-hoc assignment;
  • Participate in at least one of the National Days of Service (September 11, MLK Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Legislative Day, etc.);
  • Participate in one of the following events per year:
  • AmeriCorps Swearing In
  • AmeriCorps site visit(s)
  • Serve New Mexico Conference
  • Serve New Mexico Conference as a presenter
  • National or Regional Service Conference
  • The AmeriCorps grant review process
  • Fulfill all other obligations as defined by the Executive Order, Commission By-Laws, policies and procedures and other applicable requirements.

Time Commitment

  • Attend 4-5 commission meetings per year, including an annual business meeting.
  • Committee meetings as determined by committee
  • One or two days for yearly special event