Mayors Day of Recognition Silver City Style

On Tuesday May 9th the Wellness Coalition's AmeriCorps members made a   presentation to the Silver City Town Council and Mayor. The Part of the   Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service led by the Corporation   for National and Community Service. AmeriCorps members Tim Miller and   Mellisa Cano made the presentation to the Council and where supported by   the presence of members Richard Leves, Krista Joslin-Gay, Justin   Blanton, Kimberly Brown and Jackie Olea.

AmeriCorps Mayors Volunteerism Day - RGCF

Rio Grande Community Farm was honored to participate in the first ever national AmeriCorps Mayor's Week on April 9, 2013 by assisting and enjoying Mayors Day of Volunteerism at Civic Plaza in Albuquerque.

AmeriCorps Week Reflection

In honor of AmeriCorps Week, Teach For America corps members focused on community engagement by inviting speakers into their classroom to teach a guest lesson. Two of the guest lessons are profiled below.