Mandy's Special Farm

Mandy's Farm - VAMOS Program
Mandy's Farm, a nonprofit organization based out of the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico, serves adults with developmental disabilities in their homes, the community, and the workplace. In New Mexico, adults with developmental disabilities rely, almost exclusively, on Medicaid Waiver services in order to gain access to the community, remain healthy, and obtain employment. The waiting list for these services is over a decade long, leaving thousands of vulnerable individuals without support following high school. This gap in support increases instances of unemployment for adults with developmental disabilities and their unpaid caregivers, as well as the likelihood of experiencing abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Mandy's Farm proposes to close this service gap through the implementation of the VAMOS Program or "Vocational Access and Meaningful Opportunities for Success." This program would allow Mandy's Farm to assist service recipients in navigating government benefits, support families in their roles as full-time caregivers, provide opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to participate in career exploration and training, allow them obtain skills needed in order for success in the workplace, and ensure participants have the support they need to gain successful employment in the community at minimum wage or higher.

Website: mandysfarm.org

Contact: Jessie Calero
Phone: (505) 503-1141
Email: jessie@mandysfarm.org

P.O. Box 9346
Albuquerque, NM 87119