Albuquerque Sign Language Academy

The Albuquerque Sign Language Academy proposes a planning grant in the AmeriCorps Focus Area of Learning Loss Interventions. At the end of the planning period, Albuquerque Sign Language Academy will be responsible for developing an AmeriCorps intervention that will result in improved academic performance in literacy and/or math using a pre and post-test to compare the skill improvement, increased academic performance for students K-12. Additionally, the organization will learn about AmeriCorps grants and financial management.

The Albuquerque Sign Language Academy will partner with Cypress Tree New Mexico, a statewide 501(c)3 nonprofit made up of educational leaders to determine support for Charter Schools to support student achievement, closing the achievement gap, and learning loss due to Covid-19 and other factors. This planning grant will explore the creation and alignment of an AmeriCorps program model as an educational intermediary and distribution network.

Website: https://www.aslacademy.com/