Serve New Mexico to seek volunteer AmeriCorps State peer reviewers

The Serve New Mexico Commission (formerly the New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism, NMCCV) generally conducts a peer review process each fall and spring to review AmeriCorps State grant applications. Participating in a review is an excellent opportunity for professional development and service. Peer reviewers will be exposed to new and innovative ideas in their field and engage in the grantmaking process of a major state funder of service and volunteering, while networking with other experts in several professions.

Serve New Mexico engages experts from various fields to read applications and provide an analysis and rating of the quality of each application based upon established criteria. Peer reviewer comments and ratings are considered in funding decisions that determine how AmeriCorps resources will be distributed to support community partnerships in addressing pressing needs throughout New Mexico.

Serve New Mexico seeks a diverse group of people with expertise in a variety of areas who can assess the quality of grant applications in response to our AmeriCorps Request for Proposals (RFPs). Reviewers should be comfortable reading a large volume of material in a short period of time and be capable of providing in-depth individual analysis and participating in small group discussions about the application.

Past reviewers have been practitioners in the national service community, educators, administrator, managers, analysts, researchers, evaluators, and volunteers. Their expertise may be in the areas of national service, volunteer management, education, literacy and tutoring, human services, nonprofit management, public health and health services, disaster preparedness and response, public safety, the environment, and clean energy.

If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please contact Executive Director Kristin Hsueh.

Kristin Hsueh
Executive Director, Serve New Mexico Commission

Email: kristin.hsueh@dws.nm.gov