The Serve New Mexico Commission (formerly New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism, NMCCV) is designated as the state service commission and administers the AmeriCorps national service portfolio in New Mexico. Serve New Mexico works with other national service programs to provide New Mexicans of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to strengthen their communities through service. National service programs include:

  • AmeriCorps
    Through its programs, AmeriCorps provides opportunities for Americans to make an ongoing, intensive commitment to service.
  • AmeriCorps*State and National
    AmeriCorps supports a broad range of local service programs that engage thousands of Americans in intensive service to meet critical community needs. Serve New Mexico administers the AmeriCorps program in New Mexico. More than three-quarters of AmeriCorps grant funding goes to Governor-appointed state service commissions, such as Serve New Mexico, which in turn awards and monitor grants to hundreds of nonprofit groups and agencies. The other quarter goes to national nonprofits that operate in more than one state.
  • AmeriCorps*VISTA
    For more than 40 years VISTA has provided full-time members to opportunity to create and expand programs that build capacity and ultimately bring low-income individuals and communities out of poverty. To learn more, click here, or contact Zanquetta Gray.
  • AmeriCorps*NCCC
    The AmeriCorps*National Civilian Community Corps is a full-time residential program for men and women aged 18-24 that strengthens communities while developing leaders through direct, team-based national and community service. To learn more, click here. The AmeriCorps*NCCC Southwest Region Campus based in Denver accepts applications from nonprofit and public agencies to host an AmeriCorps*NCCC team (typically 10-12 members) for 6-8 weeks to assist with high-impact, but short-term projects. For further information and/or application materials, please contact Antonio Mendez.
  • AmeriCorps Seniors
    AmeriCorps Seniors offers a network of programs that tap the rich experience, skills and talents of older citizens to meet community challenges. For questions about AmeriCorps Seniors, contact Zanquetta Gray.

Foster Grandparents connects volunteers age 60 and over with children and young people with exceptional needs.

Senior Companion Program brings together volunteers age 60 and over with adults in their community who have difficulty with the simple tasks of day-to-day living.

RSVP offers "one stop shopping" for all volunteers 55 and over who want to find challenging, rewarding, and significant service opportunities in their local communities.