2023-2024 AmeriCorps State Request for Applications - Formula Pool


Funding Overview

On February 12, 2023, the Serve New Mexico Commission released its Request for Applications (RFA: #23-631-7004-00076), based on AmeriCorps Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the 2023–2024 Program Year. The 2023 “Formula” competition is to request applications to establish AmeriCorps programs throughout the State of New Mexico to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic participation through service.

This funding competition is called “Formula” because AmeriCorps uses a population-based formula to distribute AmeriCorps program funding to each state. The Commission’s application and review process is designed to identify and determine which programs will be funded with these formula funds. See RFA 23-631-7004-00076 (below) for Program Year 2023–2024 funding priorities.

All interested applicants must submit a Notification of Intent to Apply and Readiness Checklist form as well as the Agency-Specific W-9 by Wednesday, March 1, 2023 by 5:00pm Mountain. Applications from eligible applicants are due Friday, March 31, 2023 by 4:00pm Mountain. See RFA 23-631-7004-00076 (below) for details.


Important Application Dates

  • Informational Meeting was held on Friday, February 24, 2023 at 11:00am Mountain via webinar. This webinar included: AmeriCorps Basics, Program Management and Design, Budget Development, Performance Measurement. 
  • Submission of the Notice of Intent to Apply/Readiness Checklist and Agency-Specific W9 is required to be eligible for this competition and is due on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 by 5:00pm Mountain by email to David.Chene@dws.nm.gov.
  • Deadline to submit Written Questions: Tuesday, March 7, 2023
  • Response to Written Questions: Friday, March 10, 2023
  • The deadline for Full Applications is Friday, March 31, 2023 by 4:00pm MST. The application process requires online submission via eGrants.

All required items must be submitted by the given due dates. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Application Materials


Notice to Applicants: Unique Entity Identifier (SAM) Requirement

A SAM Unique Entity Identifier is Required to Bid on Government Contracts and to Receive Grants.

By April of 2022, the federal government will stop using the DUNS number to uniquely identify entities. At that point, entities doing business with the federal government will use a Unique Entity Identifier (SAM) created in SAM.gov. To register, please visit: https://sam.gov/content/home          


Required Procurement Materials

Additional Resources

** Please note that due to recent updates on the AmeriCorps website, you will need to use the website search feature to find most of the materials listed in this section.


Contact Information

All communication relating to this notice must be directed to the contact persons named below.

David Chené
Serve New Mexico Executive Director
Email: David.Chene@dws.nm.gov

Communication related to this application shall be directed to the contact person named above. All emails and phone calls will be returned within a reasonable amount of time. Applicants are encouraged to submit their questions well in advance of the application deadline as Serve New Mexico is not obligated to respond to questions that are received 48 hours prior to the due date.